Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Samsung Galaxy S Series Will not Be Longer Wear Flat Screen

Samsung Galaxy S Series Will not Be Longer Wear Flat Screen

Samsung Galaxy S Series Will not Be Longer Wear Flat Screen - Yes Samsung Galaxy S series is one of the mainstays Samsung to break the world market as well as bringing the name Samsung increasingly inherent in lovers its products, proved to be smartphones Samsung series S has managed to captivate customers around the globe , ranging from Samsung Galaxy S1, S2, S3 and S series are the latest until today.
One of the main factors is excellence in the screen that can spoil the users are already using the super AMOLED since the first, which is kind of famous screen friendly eyes, clear and looked soft and maximum sensitivity.

Samsung Galaxy S Series Will not Be Longer

Shown Elegant With Curved Screen

During this Samsung products provide options for users to choose Galaxy S variant "Edge" design with a curved screen or regular screen variants (flat). In the future, the South Korean vendor will only release the curved screen smartphone. Will no longer create a flat-screen smartphone in the Galaxy line S.It was delivered by Dong-Jin Koh, Director Mobile Division Samsung, which said that it should continue to move forward in the application of innovation. Including support for Samsung Galaxy S on a curved screen innovation in smartphones.

"Samsung has considered that we will make a smartphone with a screen display ornately curved as the identity of the line smartphone Galaxy S in the future. And we will continue to provide a very pleasant experience for the user through the software's functionality and user-friendly in the application of curved screen," said Koh.

Samsung Galaxy S Series


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge proved more popular than the standard variant. Perhaps courage Samsung in implementing curved screen design is what makes the product "Edge" they are very popular and loved the market. Hence lah, Samsung decided to launch the Galaxy Note7 with curved screen design, but did not give frills name "Edge".

 Not only that, the Galaxy could be the initial experiment Note7 Samsung before proceeding further with experimentation and innovation advanced stage of the curved screen for the Samsung Galaxy S8, which is expected to be introduced by Samsung in the middle of next year.