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Specs And Price HP LG Stylo 2

Specs And Price HP LG Stylo 2
Specs And Price HP LG Stylo 2 - Smartphone LG is still at an upscale global smartphone competition, vendor output ginseng country is competing with Samsung in terms of both technology and market or markets. Until now LG has released many flagship smartphones from various classes, For the year 2016, LG mobile phones now come with the LG series LG G4 G5 once successor, this phone compete with Samsung Galaxy S7 with a variety of superior features. Well away from all the luxury LG G5, this time, we will discuss one mid-range phone with a specification that is qualified which LG Stylo 2.Mobile is once again the successor of LG Stylo was released in 2015 ago. Although the middle-class price offered was quite cheap at around $ 99.99. The mobile middle class is equipped with ample screen that is 5.7 inches with a resolution of HD and IPS LCD panel technology. While the capabilities of mobile phones supported by 2 GB of RAM with a processor Quad core. Surely machining performance will be much more responsive and fast

Then let alone the advantages of LG Stylo 2? Well before we discuss more in this phone, let's check out the full specifications LG Stylo 2 below that is sure to be interesting.

Specifikasi HP LG Stylo 2

Price HP LG Stylo 2
Specs HP LG Stylo 2

HP LG Stylo 2 Elegant design combined with a wide screen of 5.7 inches

Specs HP LG Stylo 2

Specs And Price HP LG Stylo 2-looks luxurious in terms of design, this phone, this phone is visually more classy compared to other mobile phone brands with the same price range. At the front of the screen appear ample as a main operation of the phone is also three digital menu button on the bottom side. On the back cover is more textured look pretty good as well as the main camera with multifunction buttons that line. Upper corner there is a place to store the Stylus Pen.The spacious screen makes operating the phone more freely and easily, the advantages of the series is equipped with a stylus pen as an alternative means of operation and allows users more creative. Screen LG Stylo 2 comes with 5.7 inches so his pass called the phablet. This screen panel technology relies on IPS-LCD Capacitive Touchscreen fairly sharp but soft and a color depth of up to 16 million colors. Although still limited HD screen resolution or 720 x 1280 pixels with a density of 258 ppi display screen, but it still looks very clear. But quite, unfortunately, the phone screen is still not equipped with a scratch-resistant coating.

Quad-core machine with 2 GB RAM for Maximum Performance

Specs And Price HP LG Stylo 2

Specs And Price HP LG Stylo 2 armed with powerful machining capability which uses Qualcomm MSM8916 Snapdragon chipset 410. Ensure your phone's ability to become more responsive and faster when opening and running a variety of applications. the ability of this phone is also powered by the Quad-core processor with a speed of 1.2 GHz Cortex-A53 and 2 GB of RAM support, perms in an certainly more powerful and more stable.Android 6.0 operating system upgrades Marshmallow offers better as it also features many more latest android provide maximum comfort for its users.

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The storage capacity of the HP LG Stylo 2 16 GB plus slot for External Memory

Back picture HP LG Stylo 2

Internal memory capacity is still the standard LG Stylo 2 medium with 16 GB. Of course, this capacity is sufficient to meet large storage space and is still free to save various files. Not only was this capacity can still be added up to 128 GB using a microSD memory card or external. 

Duet camera of 5 MP and 13 MP

HP LG Stylo 2 is also equipped with two cameras are pretty good, the front side comes with 5 MP camera which is pretty good selfie produce images that are crisp and clear. While the rear camera has a larger size comes with a 13 MP autofocus, face detection, autofocus, HDR, Panorama, and others. photography exact size is still reliable.

Large battery capacity of 3000 mAh

This mobile power needs will be met with a very good thanks to the battery capacity of 3000mAh, this phone is certainly able to survive longer. The advantages of battery used in this phone are the type of removable Li-Ion or removable itself if someday happen damage.
Unfortunately, this phone provides only one place for a sim card and are divided into two types namely GSM and CDMA. Support 3G and 4G networks will maximize online activities buddy all at speeds up LTE Cat6 or 150/50 Mbps. Completeness other connectivity features such as wifi, Bluetooth v4.1, and microUSB will facilitate data transfer and also connected with Wifi internet.

Specs HP LG Stylo 2
                                                        Specs And Price HP LG Stylo 2

This phone is quite attractive to own, with a 5.7-inch wide screen certainly provides freedom and flexibility during operation, specially equipped with a stylus pen to make it more creative freedom. In terms of the ability of mobile phones are also no less terrible than the phones for, processor Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A53 and with a capacity of 2 GB RAM is already powerful enough to run a variety of applications quickly and normal. Meanwhile, photography duet comes with a 5 MP camera and 13 MP are certainly able to produce sharp and clear images. 3000 mAh battery capacity is very large to supply the power needs of this phone. price HP LG Stylo 2 when the information is written only about $ xxx.

* Prices and specifications may differ in each country, in order to examine it before buying in their respective territories

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