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Specifications and price of Samsung Galaxy Z2

price of Samsung Galaxy Z2
Specifications and price of Samsung Galaxy Z2 -, some time ago, when it launched the Galaxy Note 7 in Africa, apparently Samsung has also introduced a new product, namely the Samsung Galaxy Z2. If remembered, years agoSamsung has launched the products of the project with the name Tizen Z1. That is, it is the Z2 Samsung the next generation of the product. After the presence of the Z1 is indeed Samsung is also rumored to have launched the Samsung Z3. However, it is to market this Tizen OS smartphone with only limited in the marketThe operating system is OS Tizen original Samsung invested in generation Z, including Samsung Z2. As it is often said that the presence of Tizen own OS is an attempt from South Korea origin of vendors is to reduce dependency on Android. While it is indeed on the launch of the first product Tizen i.e. Samsung Z1 could be said to be having a bit of a failure, but it could not relax the Samsung zeal to publish Samsung Galaxy Z2.Why the presence of Samsung variants even preceded Z2? It is just another company who knows what reason. What is clear, this time, we will discuss together about the specs and price of Samsung Galaxy Z2 in detail.

Specifications and price of Samsung Galaxy Z2

Specifications and price of Samsung Galaxy Z2
Specifications and price of Samsung Galaxy Z2

See the Samsung Galaxy Z2 is supposed Indeed inseparable from his predecessor. The reason, his predecessor said to fail in the market. In fact, it could be said of the failure of the first product Tizen to Z1 due to some sort of experiment first. However, the potential of the Samsung Galaxy Z2 is actually located on OS Tizen-made Samsung. Thanks to the existence of Tizen, if OS has developed perfectly, Samsung am sure will be successful in the market because it targeted the needs of business travelers. Because this own Tizen fresh OS with the security system is better than Android.

Well, back in the Z2 series, Samsung also supplied some hardware components are still at a segment of the beginner class. Viewed from its screen, Samsung Galaxy Z2 equipped with tiny screen measures only 3.97 inches. Although not yet revealed in detail but said that Samsung will use this type of technology AMOLED display with a resolution of 480 x offered is 800 pixels. Meanwhile, for machining parts Z2, Samsung Galaxy is relying on the magnitude of Spreadtrum chipset processor Quad-core. As it has been mentioned that in the midst of fierce Android smartphone, Samsung dares to bring a new product that runs on a platform that is an OS Tizen his own. Still curious as to what the toughness of this phone? We've set up some reviews of Samsung Galaxy Z2 specs and prices below!

Review Samsung galaxy Z2

Smartphone-sized Screen with Teeny 3.97 Inches

Samsung Galaxy on8 official Launch
For the first, we will review the physical appearance brought by Samsung Galaxy Specs Z2. Presented as a mobile phone beginners class, of course, it's not a surprise if Samsung Galaxy Z2 equipped with components of the beginner class that still is very standard. This Smartphone brings a very Petite body size. Although the size of the images is still not revealed however Samsung Galaxy Z2 ascertained will be comfortably operated even with just one hand.

In addition, wrapped in the Gold-colored robe, Black, White makes this phone brings a taste of more elegant and classy. Although some specifications such as resolution have not yet been revealed, however, we have obtained the leaked specifications of display quality by Samsung Galaxy Z2. AMOLED type screen-sized carrying minimalist i.e. 3.97 inches, this phone is able to produce a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. Although the standard resolution for still yet quite willing to give a visual appearance that is quite comfortable on the eyes. Unfortunately, this phone is still quite vulnerable to scratches because not equipped by protection anti-scratch screen built-in. So, for complete specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Z2, we recommended to set it up manually.

Samsung Galaxy Z2 Runs On OS Tizen

As a novice class smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Z2 specs is actually the same as other products are provided with components that have a quality standard. However, as is often seen in the quality of Samsung products, for the kitchen runway even though it is composed of simple devices but is certainly willing to work optimally and tough. Samsung Galaxy Z2 is arguably not too fancy, but for work, performance remains reliable and able to meet the standards of modern gadgets. For components of the kitchen runway, Samsung relies on Spreadtrum chipset that works with Quad-core processor power. Meanwhile, Samsung Galaxy Z2 is also provided with 1 GBof RAM, would also allow multitasking performance, doing just that for the purposes of normally.

Other hardware components such as graphics processing card still not revealed by Samsung, but certainly, this smartphone is different for this exist in the market. Because Samsung has to rely on his own into the OS specs Samsung Galaxy Z2.

Available on-board memory Capacity 8 GB

Samsung Galaxy Z2 of specs, we already know what kind of power on the space the kitchen runway while it is indeed for the specification in detail yet everything is revealed, but as an idea, it feels it's pretty obvious. The same as on the space the kitchen runway, we will also find that all components are included in the Samsung Galaxy Z2 is very simple.

Well, it applies also to the sector of the storage space. Customizing components in the kitchen runway, Samsung Galaxy Z2 equipped with enough internal memory holds all system files and file entertainment. To cover your entire needs. Samsung Galaxy Z2 is provided by an internal memory capacity of 8 GB, so it would be enough to accommodate the entire file. It's just that, when we feel the less generous space save a large number of personal files, the possibility of Samsung will also embed external memory slot on the Samsung Galaxy specs Z2. However, it is currently still at the stage of confirmation.

Samsung Galaxy Z2 Carry 5 MP Main Camera

To meet the standards of a smartphone in the modern era, of course, the Samsung Galaxy Z2 specs also has to have a camera that is capable of. Answer the challenge of the modern era, Samsung Galaxy devices equipped with the Z2 camera is quite in accordance with its segmentation. The mainstay for the camera or the main camera, Samsung camera equip 5 MP. Camera with lens size that will meet the needs of pas in photography. In fact, if the camera is Samsung Galaxy the Z2 camera compared to other classmates on cell phones could be said to be equivalent. With the main camera, photographic documentation will generate snapshots with resolution 4128 x3096, as well as the quality of the video recorder 720 p HD-sized IE. In addition to those needs, to the main camera Samsung Galaxy Z2, also equipped with supporting modern features. The phone also cannot leave technology present i.e. a secondary front camera or cameras that are used to perform selfie photo or video call. Although the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Z2 is still relying on a VGA camera, yet still functional for use as its function.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Z2

Samsung Galaxy A9 2017 Use 4 GB of RAM

Full connectivity with 4 g LTE Technology

Although still targeted segmentation beginners class, but for the connectivity specifications, Samsung Galaxy Z2 cannot be taken lightly. Samsung has also pinned a 4 g LTE network on one of the slots of the dual SIM card. By relying on a network of internet connection is 4 g LTE Samsung Galaxy Z2 via it, of course, we could already enjoy the super fast download activity of up to 150 Mbps and upload speeds reach 50Mbps. Speeds, of course, the activities of the Internet became more and more optimal. In addition, Samsung Galaxy Z2 can also provide a fairly reliable internet connections for you who are still at the location beyond the reach of 4 g LTE Samsung Galaxy, because Z2 also still retains the old network technology i.e. 3 g, HSPA, and GSM. So, ye whom unspoiled 4 g LTE also need not worry. Then to meet the needs of free internet access or sending data faster, Samsung Galaxy Z2 has also been provided with functional features for those needs, i.e. There are Wifi and hotspots, Bluetooth and microUSB also. To perform the mapping location, Samsung Galaxy specs Z2 is relying on a navigation system of A-GPS.

Power supply is provided with a standard capacity of 1,500 mAh

After you analyze all sectors that are stacked on the Samsung Galaxy Z2 Specs, this time, came on the last sector i.e. battery capacity. See the specification that was presented is the types of quality standard components of course performance Samsung Galaxy Z2 also will not consume the battery power is too great. The need of battery consumption which is big enough to just be on network connectivity only. When we are online for a full day, then the battery needs also became more and more because of the Samsung Galaxy Z2 is only fed by Lithium-Ion battery capacity 1,500 mAh so that wherever possible we always recommended to provide backup power supply devices (power bank). So, whenever a refill is needed will always be met. One more, please be aware that this type of battery is used in the specification of Samsung Galaxy Z2 this is a removable battery.

Samsung Galaxy Z2

What are the advantages and disadvantages Samsung Z2?

The default comes with new OS indeed becoming pre-eminence Samsung Galaxy Z2. The reason, some users will indeed soon meet boredom in a feel sensation presented by Google. That's where Samsung began playing the gap through Samsung Galaxy Z2. Interestingly, if Google's targeted premium class accustomed to the feel of the new OS, Samsung does not do so. This is evidenced by the presence of Samsung Galaxy Z2 which uses components of the beginner class as its flagship. As a beginner class, users Samsung Galaxy Z2 also has to be pretty patient with VGA camera still in this world. Yes, let's find out about the advantages of Samsung Galaxy Z2 and cons below.

The Advantages Of Samsung Z2
- Dual SIM card
- Support 4 g LTE network
- Minimalist 3.97-inch screen
- Tizen operating system
- Spreadtrum Chipset
- RAM 1 GB
- 8 GB internal memory
- Primary 5 MP camera
- Removable battery

Shortage Of Samsung Z2
Secondary camera is still VGA
- There is no screen protection
- The battery still 1,500 mAh Li-ion
- A-GPS Navigation

Price Of Samsung Galaxy Z2

Before discussing the price of this Samsung Galaxy Z2, surely we must realize that viewed from the rest of the specifications included in this phone, it is all simplicity to be there.

From the information page through we GSM Arena, the price of Samsung Galaxy Z2 is only reached 80 euros. If the conversion is done according to the current exchange rate, the price Samsung Galaxy this Z2 in Indonesia is only equivalent to Rp1,1millions. The price is very affordable and friendly to all walks of life. When compared with other products, this price is including is still competitive. The price of Samsung Galaxy Z2 cheaper than because its specifications which are still standard. So, look at the specifications presented are of course made the price of Samsung Galaxy Z2 can become one of the preferred list cheap cell phones and tough.

So our Reviews about Specifications and Price of Samsung Galaxy Z2 may be useful, see you on our next Artikel,

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