Sunday, October 30, 2016

The appearance of a new generation of MacBook Pro 2016

The appearance of a new generation of MacBook Pro 2016 _, ahead of the launch, the rumors about the design of the new MacBook Pro is getting crowded. The latest information shows a photograph believed to be promotional material that Apple latest generation laptop.

From the leakage, looks a little description of the physical design of the latest generation of MacBook Pro, along with its features. The leaked photo materials that confirm the existence of a variety of new features on my MacBook Pro. One of them shows that the usual section contains a function key (F), has been replaced by an OLED panel.
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Offered from MacRumors, the OLED panels is likely to be given the name Magic Toolbar. The information that appears in this pane is contextual, in accordance with what is being featured on screen laptop.

In that photo, the user is shown is using Apple's Pay. Magic Toolbar showing the payment service icon, and then the user's index finger touching the top right corner of the panel and scan fingerprints wear Touch ID, in the meantime, Apple authentication screen displays the Pay. There is also a speaker located on the right side and left the side of the keyboard.

But only to the extent that the information obtained from the leaked photos. Up to now still unknown reserved thickness, lighter weight, charging port, audio port andSD Card slot this new MacBook Pro.

Now users still have to be patient to find out more detailed information, at least in the next few days. True or whether the various features in these new photos can be proved at Apple events are planned to take place on October 27, the morning local time.

So a few reviews about The appearance of a new generation of MacBook Pro2016, We wait for further information