Monday, October 31, 2016

Wow.. Xiaomi Mi mix Could Overtake iPhone 8

Xiaomi Mi mix Could Overtake iPhone 8

Xiaomi Mi mix Could Overtake iPhone 8 _, the emergence of high-end smartphones Mi Mix of Xiaomi last week elicited surprise at once a sense of AWE. How does a cell phone sized screen 6.4 inch has a frame (bezel) is very thin so it looks like the borderless.

The design of the Mi Mix so interesting eye so that the sites of Cult of Mac Apple all-round praise known as "the prettiest smartphones ever made". Mentioned also that Mi Mix may be giving an idea of design changes that will be applied by Apple in the iPhone 8 next year.
iPhone 8 is Currently in Production in Israel
"IPhone Fans have long complained that the frame around the screen of their mobile phone too thick, but Apple hasn't been able to reduce its size. In fact, the iPhone7 Plus is one of the phablets with the physical size of the largest existing now, "the Cult of Mac is a little to criticize.

MI Mix ratio screen size comparison with a much larger body of iPhone 7 Plus, namely 91.3 percent compared to 67.7 percent. These differences make Xiaomi able to embed screen 6.4 inches in size only barely bodywork of iPhone 7 Plus (5.5-inch screen).

Specifications Xiaomi Mi Mix

Xiaomi Mi mix
Xiaomi Mi mix Could

Similar with Cult of Mac, The Verge expressed the same allegations. Moreover, previous Apple indeed is rumored to keep a new physical design for the iPhone, while the iPhone 7 left similar to its predecessor.

In terms of physical, just a little change can be done because of the high-end smartphones of today already brings the screen and high-quality body materials such as metal and glass.

"That could be enhanced by the existing iPhone design as long as it is a material and frame display," said The Verge, while adding that Apple will probably join in wearing ceramic material such as smart watches at Apple Watch the latest series.
Traces Opinion iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus
If the allegations of the above are true, then the Mi Mix can be called has been successfully "overtaking" iPhone 8 in terms of the application of future smartphone designs.

What is the secret of the screen "edgeless" Mi Max? Xiaomi applies some innovation to realize the display of the phone is interesting, as is the wearing of screen panel with rounded corners, as well as the proximity sensor-based technology of ultrasonic and cantilever piezoelectric ceramic as a surrogate speaker earpiece and proximity sensor.