Saturday, November 12, 2016

Android phone similar to the wallet from Samsung

Android phone similar to the wallet from Samsung

Android phone similar to the wallet from Samsung _ Androidreviewcenter23.tkSamsung presumably was trying to revive the phone flip phone style design of a by gone era. Only, this time more modern shape with a flexible screen that really can be bent. The concept of the device later flourished in the patent applications filed by Samsung in South Korea Intellectual Property Office, as summarized from The Verge.

Patent documents shows an illustration of a mobile phone-shaped rectangle with the flexible that can be bent in the middle. The device can be folded up to its length being only half the original size. The trick is similar to the fold wallet.

Like the concept in the patent, is not yet clear when this device would be present in the market, even if he really manifest itself in the form of a finished product.

The concept of gadgets with a folding screen myself have flourished since some time ago. Besides Samsung, Lenovo has showcased a concept mobile phone device and a tablet that can be folded in the Tech World event 2016, mid this year.

Earlier, Bloomberg never mentioned that Samsung would launch a mobile phone with an OLED display which can be bent at the beginning of 2017.
Wow, this is the price of Samsung Android Folding W2017