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Review Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime RAM 3 GB

Review Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime RAM 3 GB

Review Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime RAM 3 GB _, in the midst of hectic talks about the presence of Samsung's flagship product i.e. Galaxy Note 7, South Korea origin producers could not thus forget the series-other series. Afternot long ago introduced the advanced generation of Tizen namely Z2, Samsung is now the highest product variants from the ranks of the Samsung Galaxy has been presented by J.

Yes, on this occasion we will reveal about the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime, that is untilnow will be released officially on the market. As a top of the range version of GalaxyJ7, the phone is also equipped with a more powerful tool specifications compared to the previous series. If keep in mind, the ranks of cell phone Samsung Galaxy J7 is a smartphone that includes presented to menyasar top class segmentation. Of course it was about getting fancy with the impression of a Prime on Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime..

For that, the components of a typical high-end Samsung guaranteed will give a very qualified work capabilities and support for all activities. The presence of the J series is indeed arguably breathtaking. Because, if looking variant of the Galaxy J with a number of smaller backs, might be paraphrased that Galaxy J is the number for the middle class to the bottom. However with the newer Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime these, it appears that Samsung indeed was trying to create a new flagship under variants of the Galaxy S.

The presence of Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime seems to increasingly raise the temperature of the smart device in the world competition. Because by 2016 it seems almost all manufacturers have launched a smartphone-advanced smartphone. As the world's number one vendor, Samsung certainly has been preparing his latest for mobile phones, the mainstay weapon in order to remain in his position as the most attractive smartphone manufacturer.

It appears to also apply on Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime. All components of the upper class included on this phone, ranging from a light that brings the technology of super AMOLED measuring 5.5 inches and offers a Full HD screen resolution. Reportedly, Galaxy J7 Prime will use 2.5 D curved screen type that has the look more attractive thanks to the system interface of the most newer version of TouchWiz UI.

While from the side in, Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime provided with the Octa 7870 Exynos chipset powered Octa-core processor and 3 GB of RAM with the tandem. While in storage space, Galaxy J7 Prime provide the internal memory capacity of 32 GB. From the line of photography, this smartphone is equipped with a camera, measuring 13 duets and MP 5 MP. Then, like what the heck the toughness of work from Galaxy J7 Prime? Check out the full review on Yuk specifications Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime on each segment below!

Review Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime

Review Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime

Mobile 5.5 Inch Premium design made of Metal
Seen from the specs of Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime this, in terms of design and to an actual body is still lined with typical products of Samsung Galaxy J7. This phone comes with a design more premium because it supports the advanced screen. Still the same as the old version, the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime it brings sectors display with super AMOLED screen technology, measuring 5.5 inches.

With the screen technology that carries greater resolution Full HD i.e. 1080 x 1920 pixels with 401 ppi density, of course, we will bring friends to enjoy the view of the screen which is very sharp and high quality. In addition, Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime is also using the selection screen of a curved 2.5 D.

The combination of these specs is indeed viable as devices that will fill your mobile phone the latest top class. Not only that, the Galaxy J7 Prime is also present with the appearance of more support systems because good interface TouchWiz version most recently. Unfortunately, it is not yet known whether Samsung will also scratch screen protection provisions in a specification of Galaxy J7 Prime.

Space Data Supported Chipsets Exynos Okta 7870, with Octa-core Processor

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime is indeed presented in a better version compared with the Galaxy J7 earlier because this series is the highest level of existence. If the previous version brings two variants, namely the Snapdragon chipset 615 and Exynos 7580 Octa, this time Samsung has supplied the Octa 7870 Exynos chipset.

With the Octa-core processor powered 4 × 1.6 GHz Cortex-A53 & 4 × 1.0 GHz Cortex-A53, a combination of hardware Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime will work more optimally and assured. Powered by 3 GB RAM capacity, will also make this able Prime J7 Galaxy run multiple processes simultaneously or multitasking even for applications with large memory requirements. So, this phone will remain tough run all applications smoothly with no lag.

While for gaming Affairs, Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime graphics processing on the GPUentrust Mali-T8300MP2 that will provide high-quality graphics display for a running game also videos with Full HD quality. If on Galaxy J7 still use the Android platform aLollipop is also available in an updated version of the Marshmallow, specs Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime has been running all operations on the Android platform Marshmallow.

Capacity of storage space is available for a maximum of

To save the space sector, Samsung also has increased the capacity of the internal memory in Samsung Galaxy specs J7 Prime. If Galaxy J7 standard version provided with 16 GB of internal memory, now for the Galaxy J7 Prime provided 32 GB of internal memory. The capacity provided by the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime this is is extremely broad and sufficient to cover the entire file is needed.

With the internal memory capacity of 32 GB, we can imagine how many files to be able to accommodate in Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime. Of course, all file system and personal files will be cover perfectly.

In addition, when we feel the capacity is still lacking, don't worry Samsung also offers a microSD slot with 256 GB maximum expansion, but keep in mind its use must sacrifice the SIM slot 2. So, the particular specifications of our this Galaxy J7 Prime must determine which is more needed.

Dual camera 13 MP 5 MP and So the mainstay Photography

Given the increasingly high photography needs, Samsung also provides Samsung Galaxy specs of this device with Prime J7 camera of considerable quality. If a note, apparently the Samsung still retains the same camera as belonging to the Galaxy J7 standard version. This proves that there are cameras that are already very fit and give a performance that qualified for Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime.

From generation to generation, Samsung has indeed been known with a product that provides a high-quality camera device. It is seen on the main camera, measuring13 full MP with autofocus and LED flash, so the results are snapshots with resolution4128 x 3096 pixels will be generated with a sharp quality and lighting is the very maximum. To meet documentation with touches of modern photography.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime also has a variety of features such as geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection, panorama also HDR. As a modern device. Samsung also pinned a front camera or secondary camera 5 MP, sized to meet the needs of photo selfie also video call with maximum results. Meanwhile, the need for documentation in the form of videos, the second camera on Samsung Galaxy specs this is able to do Prime J7 recording with Full HD 1080 p quality.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime RAM 3 GB
Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime

Full connectivity with 4 g LTE

Switch to the other side, from the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime this, Samsung bring connectivity with current technology is the most advanced 4 g LTE IE. With the dual SIM card slots equipped than the need for ease of communicating become more efficient. Back on 4 g LTE, utilizing this network connection we will get reliable Internet speed also stabilized via Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime.

Download needs will be fulfilled with maximum i.e. can reach 150 Mbps and upload to reach 50 Mbps by relying on 4 g LTE Cat4 or most standard version. So internet activity becomes more fun. Meanwhile, Samsung also retained the old connectivity on the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime, namely 3 g HSPA to meet your internet who live on location outside of the 4 g LTE coverage.

In addition to the needs of internet data connection, the latest smartphone also provides complete connectivity, just like other products. Sure, the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime is still equipped with WiFi and hotspots for internet access free. Then Bluetooth and microUSB for sharing files outside of the internet. Then, another feature of this mobile phone is also given on the navigation system. Brings the sophisticated device, search the location given by the specification of the Galaxy J7 Prime it will more accurately thanks to A-GPS, GLONNAS/BDS (market dependants).

Removable Battery-backed power 3,300 mAh

After looking at the whole composition composed on specs Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime, and then will be how long Galaxy J7 Prime was able to survive in its activities?Well, on the last sector we will be reviewing the issue of battery power consumption. See the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime seems to have is not going to be a device that is efficient.

If considering the use of the wide screen and high-tech, then the kitchen runway, as well as super fast connectivity, battery power consumption is of course also will be even greater. However, Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime this brings the AMOLED screen and the Android operating system later, Marshmallow would be able to reduce power consumption become more frugal.

To support all activities, Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime equipped with a battery capacity of 3,300 mAh. Interestingly, this phone is equipped with this type of battery is removable, which means it could be removed. Of the capacity, it could be said the entire specs Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime it will be able to survive a full day for all its activities.

Review Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime RAM 3 GB

Advantages and disadvantages Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime

If the review of the Samsung Galaxy name, this should be a J7 Prime devices most notably among the various variants of the Galaxy other J7. However, it is not a lot of changes that could be felt present in the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime this rather than the default version. Still, little change into the identity means for Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime.

If you see a conception of arched screen sure will show different beauty than other variants. This is certainly supported by the use of a Super AMOLED screen with poignancy 401 ppi. So it is natural it is said from the side of the screen, the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime is indeed better than other variants. Unfortunately reversed any precedence, this device still carries the memory slots with stealth SIM slot 2.

Perhaps, from Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime it can be said that Samsung indeed gives priority to the use of stealth slot rather than giving both of them independently. Of course, to further clarify our perspective, the following can be listened to advantages and disadvantages Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime.

The Advantages Of Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime
- Dual SIM card
- Support 4 g LTE
- nMaterial metal
- Curved screen 2.5 D
- The screen is 3.4 inches
- Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels ~ 401 ppi
- The super AMOLED screen technology
- New version of TouchWiz interface
- Android Os Marshmallow
- Octa 7870 Exynos chipset
- Octa-core processor
- Mali Gpu-T7830MP2
- RAM 3 GB
- 32 GB internal memory
- 256 GB of external memory slot
- 13 camera 5 MP and MP
- Bluetooth A2DP, LE v4.2
- A-GPS navigation system, GLONNAS/BDS (market dependant)
- Removable battery 3,300 mAh

Shortage Of Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime
- Type of Li-ion battery
- There has been no scratch screen protection
- A microSD slot is still aboard the Slots SIM 2

The price of the Samsung Galaxy Prime J7 3 GB RAM :

The price of the Samsung Galaxy Prime J7 3 GB of RAM  In Indonesia
The price of the Samsung Galaxy J7 In The USA ( SM-J700H/DS Version )