Saturday, November 12, 2016

Samsung Galaxy J5 Burst in France

Samsung Galaxy J5 Burst in France

Samsung Galaxy J5 Burst in, battery problem can happen to any telephone, not limited to specific models only. This week, for example, an artificial smartphone Samsung Galaxy J5 reportedly caught fire and exploded in France.

The owner called Lamya Bouyirdane the origin of the city of Pau said, that he had just taken the Galaxy J5 from the hands of his son, who was 4 years old when realized mobile phone it feels hot.

Shortly thereafter, the Galaxy began burning Bouyirdane belonging to J5. "I panicked when the phone starts fuming, then tossing her reflexes," said Bouyirdane, as summarized from Fortune, on Wednesday (9/2/2016).

Luckily the fire can be extinguished before anyone was injured. Bouyirdane said the planned law filed a lawsuit over the Samsung because the device was almost hurt her son who was still a toddler.

Samsung declined to comment on investigating this incident further. South Korea Electronics giant that mention that the incidents experienced by Bouyirdane nothing to do with the Galaxy on fire-phone 7 Note and was withdrawn from the market.
Official Samsung finally Stop the sale and conversion of a Galaxy Note 7
"Consumer Safety remains a top priority. We will work closely with consumers who are having problems with Samsung, "Samsung call in a statement.

William Stofega, IDC analyst, said that incidents of exploding Galaxy J5 in France are probably an isolated case, given the specified device is already circulating for several months on the market and the new time is reported to be problematic.